Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Harvests

So, this year we scaled back. Our freezer is still fairly full from the previous year's harvest. So we only planted 4 tomato plants, 2 tomatillo plants, 2 pepper plants, 2 cucumber plants, 1 jalapeno plant, 1 squash plant, 1 zucchini plant and 1 eggplant plant.

But we still wanted fresh veggies, right?  And maybe to put away some.

Didn't help. Here's the haul from the 16th:
And then from today:
This week's harvest includes 86 tomatoes, 52 jalapeƱos, 20 tomatillos. Total produce on hand: 112 tomatoes, 120 jalapeƱos (let me reiterate: ONE plant), 20 tomatillos, 8 peppers, 9 cukes, 5 squash, 2 zukes, 2 eggplant.

We're so screwed.


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