Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter means indoor crap

So, generally I do not think of myself as a creative, crafty person. I don't really know how to sew. The extent of my crafting is sporadic needlepoint or embroidery.

However. I am a big believer in DIY if you can and coming up with jerry-rigged solutions where appropriate.

And every year I struggle with where to put our Christmas cards. Generally I've always just lined them up on our mantle behind our stocking holders. But as our family has grown, the number of holders has slowly crowded out the space for our cards. So when I came across a pin on Pinterest about using a fabric covered foam board as a Christmas card holder, I was sold.

Except both the craft store and fabric/craft store said they no longer sell foam board. However, as the salesperson from JoAnn Fabric was walking me back to where they would have had it, had they sold it, we walked by a cork board. Bingo! So I got the largest one they had in stock. Then I picked out some cute, mod fabric which I got 50% off. And then some remnant basic white cotton to provide an extra layer. And then ran home with my purchases, poured a glass of wine, and set about figuring this out.

Most people at this point would be reaching for a glue gun, I think. I don't own one because I don't craft. I do, however, own a staple gun.

So I cut the remnant white cotton into strips and stapled it to the board.

Then it was time to put the littles to bed, so that was the end of crafting for the night. Because a staple gun is a lot louder indoors than outdoors, I discovered. The next day I starched the hell out of the fabric I bought so it was nice and crisp. I then decided to starch and iron the fabric already on the board, which actually worked pretty well.

I then used masking tape to get it lined up correctly. I then staple gunned the hell out of it, pulling the fabric taut.

I then just staple gunned some basic picture wire to the back et voilĂ ! Not bad! I feel like it needs some sort of spotlight though.

I do, however, have to stop using my dining room table for this sort of thing. No good will come of it.


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