Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tomato Harvest Summary

So, the week of September 9th we harvested 150 tomatoes.  I turned the previous week's harvest into 3 quarts of sauce, which made for nearly 3 GALLONS this year.

The following week we harvested 100 more.

And then 87 the next, which saw the end of the growing season.  I ended up turning about half into more sauce.

Four plants.  Four freaking roma tomato plants.  685 tomatoes.  That roughly 171 lbs of tomatoes (figuring 4oz per tomato).  We have over 5 gallons of sauce in the freezer.

I am willing to sell our garden dirt to the highest bidder.  Just sayin'.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More veggies. Help me.

So, we had so much produce on hand that I had to just turn the tomatoes straight into sauce.

I mean, we love tomatoes, but there's no way we could eat over 100 in a week.  And we would have had to.

Because here's what we harvested this week.
That's my kitchen sink full to the top.  236 tomatoes (yes, I counted).  In one week. 

Send help.


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