Monday, June 2, 2008

Start of June Bloom

With the start of June, and hopefully the cold nights behind us, I took some time to catch some of the blooming flowers around the yard...

With this summer being only the second summer in this house, Cathy and I are still unsure as to what is planted in some of the garden beds around the yard. This first picture is of an unexpected guest in the front garden bed just near the front living room window.

Also located in the front yard, the Lilacs are beginning to bloom alongside the Goldflame Spirea.

Moving to the color in the backyard, the Chives we removed from the bean bed are looking full and hearty.

Having a little fun with the camera, I took an angled upward shot of the white and purple Salvia located in the bean bed.

Located behind the garage, some of the Russian Irises are starting to flower with a deep blue violet hue.

Last but not least, the Gaillardia Aristata has opened up displaying its vibrant yellow and red colors.

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