Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Clean Up Part 2

Today I focused on the back yard and re-planting/transplaning the bearded irises that I saved from the garden. So I marked out two spots on the north end of the bean bed where the irises would go and planted them there.

I also moved the Agastache from the south end to the north end near the Linden. It was growing too close to the smooth Aster and both needed room, so a transplant was in order. I think it looks much better now, actually. The Agastache is such a dramatic plant on its own and it was "buried" behind other plants. Now it's more prominently located and can really shine.

I also started taking down the last bed out front. I cut down all the Black-Eyed Susan heads (and gave about half to my sister for the prairie they're trying to seed) and the siberian irises.

Tomorrow the lawn needs to be mowed and I have to move the Coreopsis as well. Eric is planning to overseed the front yard and trim back the Juniper out front.

Here are some finished photos!

The re-organized bean bed

Lucky inspecting my work.

The coreopsis got moved to the other side of the aster

The Autumn Joy sedum bloomed.

The Agastache and one of the columbine got moved to the other side of the salvia.

The Smooth Aster bloomed as well.

A close-up of the Yarrow.

A close up of the Aster.

The honeybees love it!

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