Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Garden To-Do List

Every year we make a yearly to-do list for our yard and garden. Last year we had a very aggressive list - nearly two dozen bullet points - that we busted our butts to get thru. Overall, we were successful. I think we didn't get one task done (replacing a broken screen on a basement window).

Unfortunately I can't seem to find that list. It's possible it got thrown out. So here is this year's list in electronic format!

  • Finish master plan of the yard
  • Re-landscape garage bed
  • Re-landscape west wall bed (aka fireplace bed)
  • Re-level brick patio
  • Power-wash trellis and mailbox post
  • Fill in holes in front bed (dead junipers and rose bushes)
  • Plan out vegetable garden
  • Re-mulch front yard beds
  • Get rid of barberry bush in back
  • Place stepping stones from garage to back yard (potentially optional)
  • Look at and either remove or repair yard sink
  • Trim large bush trio in back
  • Prune Mugo out front
  • Clear out back woods (lots of dead and dying hardwoods)

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