Saturday, May 16, 2009

I wish these plants bloomed longer

First, our viburnum. When the window next to it is open, you can smell the blooms thru the whole house.

She got a bit leggy, so after the blooms are done but before it sets its buds for the next year we're going to prune her back.

Because I'm hoping to have the same result as we did with the crab apple tree. Look at it!

Isn't she beautiful? She's positively covered in blooms.

I thought last year's display was wonderful but this is unbelievable. We pruned her in the early winter and I think this is how she's thanking us.

Lastly, the sweet woodruff.

It generally doesn't get a whole lot of attention because it serves as a groundcover under one of our birch trees. But in a week or two, that whole verdant carpet will be covered in millions of tiny, delicate white flowers, like this.

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