Friday, August 28, 2009

Garden update

My tomato plants have been hit by some form of spot disease. I think it's bacterial.

I trimmed away the worst of the affected leaves. The fruit seems to be just fine so far. In fact, we have a tomato the size of a bocce ball that's almost ripe. And the plants pictured here? Crazy producers. I'm going to have some amazing marinara this year. Also, if you look carefully in the first photo you can see our tomatillo plants and all the fruit it's set. Love.It.

The garlic we grew this year actually doesn't suck! I have to admit I was nervous. I dug it up when they said to, but the bulbs were so small. But I took one of them and tried cooking with it and, wow. Delish. Spicy and flavorful.

The onions are almost ready to come out, I think. Our yellow ones are beautiful and large. I can't wait to cook with them.

I think the bush beans and the peapods have finally kicked the bucket.

I don't know if our habanero will ever produce. Our poblano seems to be done after just two peppers. Green peppers are doing just fine and the jalapenos are doing ok. Not as crazy as last year but we didn't have much hot weather this year.

The lettuce? Came back. Gah. I may have to ding-dong-ditch with lettuce this year.

Our zucchini plant got vine borers, so that got dug up and thrown out. I'm scared to see what all this rain has done to my remaining squash plant. It had set more fruit a week ago but I've been unable to go check on it all this week.

I need to harvest, blanch and stew the collards. I think I may just make a ginormous pot of sukuma wiki and be done with it.

I've been harvesting and drying herbs for the winter. I love my oven's dehydration feature. I have a boatload of fresh dried parsley and rosemary. The oregano and basil are next.

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