Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Vegetable garden

Inspired by Skippy's Vegetable Garden, I started to put a comparison together of the last two years. The idea being it would help me sort out what we want to grow this year. We decided to pretty much scrap the tomato varieties we'd tried so far and search for something new. Same with the bell peppers. I'm going to give cucumbers a shot one more year - this time a new variety from seed. I still haven't figured out what lettuce variety we'll get. We may just go with what we grew last year. Milaeger's is our local nursery who we've used the last 3 years. SSE = Seed Savers Exchange.

So here's the list for 2010 so far. Once I get the beds plotted out, I'll post that as well!

Crop, typeVarietySourceSeed or Transplant?
Beans, greenDerby BushMilaeger'sTransplant


Royalty Purple PodSSESeed

Dragon's TongueSSESeed
Beans, shellCalypsoSSESeed

Cherokee Trail of TearsSSESeed

Ireland Creek AnnieSSESeed
CarrotsRoyal ChantenayMilaeger'sTransplant

St. ValerySSESeed
Collard greenChampionMilaeger'sTransplant
CornReid's Yellow DentSSESeed
CucumberDouble YieldSSESeed

Japanese ClimbingSSESeed
EggplantPark's Whopper HybridMilaeger'sTransplant
KaleWinterborHome DepotTransplant
LeekAmerican FlagMilaeger'sTransplant
LettuceBistro Salad Blend Milaeger's
Onion, RedRed BurgermasterMilaeger'sTransplant
Onion, YellowCopraMilaeger'sTransplant
peasDwarf Gray SugarSSESeed

Green ArrowSSESeed
PepperBlushing Beauty (yellow)Milaeger'sTransplant

King of the North (green/red)SSETransplant

Valencia (orange)Milaeger'sTransplant

Sweet Chocolate (brown)Milaeger'sTransplant

Tiburon PoblanoMilaeger'sTransplant

Mucho Nacho JalapenoMilaeger'sTransplant

Orange HabaneroMilaeger'sTransplant
RadishEarly Scarlet GlobeSSESeed
Squash, SummerEnterpriseMilaeger'sTransplant

Black Beauty ZucchiniSSESeed

Spineless BeautyMilaeger'sTransplant
Squash, WinterPennsylvania Dutch CrookneckSSESeed
Swiss ChardFive Color SilverbeetSSESeed
TomatilloToma VerdeMilaeger'sTransplant
TomatoEarly GirlMilaeger'sTransplant

Jet StarMilaeger'sTransplant



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