Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When you live in Wisconsin, the following scenario is pretty typical.

You spend 6+ months cooped up in the house, dealing with snow and cold.  Spring rolls around and you have to start mowing the lawn, which makes for a nice way to get outside, even though you might be wrapped up in a winter jacket yet.

Then the first really nice day comes.  The weather forecast reads sunny and 80s.  You initially put on jeans and a t-shirt, not trusting the weather report, and head outside... only to head back in to change into shorts and a tank top.

You then spend the entire day outside, thoroughly energized by the lovely weather.  You weed, you mow, you till, you fertilize, you plant.  At the end of the day you grill and chill.

The next morning you groan.  If you were smart, you aren't sunburned.  But you're still awfully sore.

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