Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pantry organization

There's nothing truly magical about organizing a pantry. Not really. It just takes some thought to figure out what you use, how you use it and then having the right organizing accessories on hand.

Take, for example, our pantry.
This is before I really evaluated it. You can see some past attempts at organizing with the canvas baskets but, really, nothing major was done. Now, granted, we don't keep an overstocked pantry, but we do use it for bulk storage of paper goods, dog food and some cooking supplies that don't fit in other cupboards. It also was home to our picnic backpack and wine tote, which was kept on the top shelf.

So, upon evaluation, I made two major changes. One: the picnic backpack and wine tote went into basement storage with the rest of our outdoor summer gear. Two: I reorganized the bulk storage by placing things we use infrequently (like plastic silverware) on the very bottom. Then I just picked up some additional organizing supplies from The Container Store - an extendable can shelf so we have clear view of what canned goods we have, two white buckets for storing snack foods, bags of specialty rice, etc. and voila.

Nothing magical about the execution but there is something magical about the result.

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