Friday, August 22, 2014

July roundup

Lots going on this month!

First of all, the baby keeps getting bigger. He is now pulling up on everything and cruising all around the house. I predict he'll be walking in a couple months. He's 8 months. So this post is being typed in a rare moment of peace while H takes the kids.

Let's start in the back yard. Our new garden bed is coming along nicely.

Tomatoes without cages. If there is a theme to this year, it's "Oh, crap, I forgot to do that."

However we have pumpkins! By last count, 10 of them 

And a baby watermelon!

Our Liatris is stunning this year 

Here is the Linden, 7 years in. She's getting HUGE! 

Our Annabelle Hydrangea

Check out the massive flower heads. I don't remember them being this large before


The new plants are doing mostly well. 

Daylilies along the front path 

Some of the bushes need a little pruning, but it has filled in nicely here 



In the "yay! look at all the weeds I pulled out!" category

Then the depressing reality of what is left.

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