Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Renovation

In addition to winter being a time when I get crafty, I also take the time to blow thru indoor projects. In this case, it was a much needed renovation to the master bathroom.

One of the odd things in this house was our difficulty with the paint colors we had chosen. I don't know why, but it seemed like when we got the color we wanted on the wall, we were not impressed. We had to re-paint the entire main floor because the yellow that should have been a pale buttery yellow ended up looking like mustard.

The bathroom was one such situation.


The purple on the chip looked much lighter and gentler but once on the walls it was a vastly different story. In addition, the fixtures were your standard builder grade 90s polished brass vanity light and brass/chrome accessories. Neither of us were a fan, but we decided to live with it.

Six years later, I declared "Enough." The primary driver was that the tub needed to be re-caulked due to it peeling along the top of the surround. So, I took 3 days of my winter break and tackled the bathroom.

On day one, I removed the old caulk, applied new caulk, and primed the walls with Killz. On day two, I applied two coats of paint on the walls and ceiling and installed the light fixture. Day three was dedicated to adjustment, touch ups, installing the towel bar, toilet paper holder and robe hook, and clean up.


The color is Behr's Misty Surf and is a light blue-grey. The vanity light is Hampton Bay "Architecture" and the fixtures are mostly the Delta Mandara line (the robe hook - not pictured - is Delta Phoebe, as the Mandara hook was too bulky for my taste).

Also, just outside the bath was a matching brass single vanity light with paint smudged on the glass. So we replaced that as well.

All in all I think it turned out nicely.

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