Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Operation Shade Trees

The largest problem with the backyard is the lack of shade. Also, as previously discussed, having apple trees seem like a good idea but you never know what a PITA fruit trees are until you have them. So the apple trees had to go, along with the rest of the bed (it was completely taken over by grass and mint). In their place we planned to put a Redmond Linden. So we removed the plants we wanted to keep and transplanted the apple trees to my sister's house.

Lucky taking credit for all our hard work
We went to our local Steins three days later to find some trees. Planting the Linden proved rather easy since we already had the majority of the hole already dug out.

In addition to the Linden, we also wanted to partially block the view of the 2-car, 2-story garage our neighbors put up in the back yard last year.

So we decided to plant an "Autumn Blaze" Maple on the east side of the yard. Digging this hole was a heck of a lot harder because we had to tear out the grass, then dig thru what turned out to be almost completely clay. But the end result was worth it.

Or will be once the tree starts to grow a bit more.

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