Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Apple Trees aren't that great

When we got this house, my sister had planted 3 apple trees in the yard. Two were much older than the 3rd and located in what we call the Bean Bed. They have beautiful flowers in the spring, looking magnificent thru the summer.

Then they actually produce apples. Which attract hoards of bees. And also fall into the yard and get chopped up by the lawn mower (attracting MORE bees). And into the Bean Bed, where they tend to rot. Or the dog eats them and then gets sick. And so forth.

Apple trees are beautiful, but they create a huge, awful mess.

Eric decided - and I have to agree - that they had to go. He didn't care how, but they couldn't stay in the yard. So we worked a deal with my sister that, if we did all the work, that they would be willing to take their trees.

Part of this meant assessing what I wanted to keep from the bed, because there was quite a lot in there, and temporarily potting it. Then we'd have to dig out the trees, ball and burlap them, and then transport them to my sister's house.

So here we've re-potted most of the plants we wanted to keep. You can see the bed and the trees. The first tree we dug up was the smaller of the two (the one to the left). Eric and I painstakingly dug it up, then dragged it onto the trailer, and took it over.

The other tree went much faster as we had my brother-in-law, nephew, and more tools. Both trees were transplanted quickly.

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