Saturday, July 5, 2008

He dug up all my hollyhocks!


We have a small bed along the back of the garage. It tends to be ignored in favor of other aspects of the yard. So, this year, with everything that was going on, we didn't look at it until it was completely overgrown.

So Eric decided to attack the bed and get rid of all the weeds and unwanted items (we had some wild rhubarb growing, which is highly toxic to dogs). He went out there with a pitch fork, shovel and a large trash bin.

About an hour later I followed him out to see what he was up to. And started shrieking in rage. He had completely denuded half the bed - including all the hollyhocks! We had a ton of beautiful hollyhocks that helped cover that dull wall. Gone!

At each end is a set of siberian irises. I'm not sure what the small plant is in the middle of the pic. For whatever reason, he ripped out all the real flowers and left that one. I think it's a weed. All that's left of the dozen or so hollyhocks that we had are those 3 toward the right.

I told him he's not allowed to weed any other beds without consulting me first. Next thing you know he'll dig up all my black eyed susans.

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