Sunday, July 27, 2008

How are we going to eat all this?

On Friday I harvested 5 summer squash, each about 6"-8" in length. There are more on the vine that will probably be ready in a day or so.

Today I picked some more beans. There are about 4 peppers that could be picked. And maybe as many jalapenos. Our onions are also doing very well - we've picked a couple for salads.

But the plants that make me worry the most?

Those are our tomato and tomatillo plants. Keep in mind, Eric's 6'5" and he's standing on the raised bed. Those buggers are HUGE. And, oh, full of tomatos

In other news, we have an infestation of cabbage worms. See this guy?

He's been laying eggs on our collards and broccoli. And the evil little larvae have been munching holes in the leaves. So I sprayed the plants down with some insecticidal soap. I'm generally tolerant of garden "pests" but not ones that ruin my crop.

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