Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Other yard additions!

Two winters ago we lost a couple gorgeous creeping junipers in a very severe winter. We let the space go kind of dormant last year with the plan to replace this year. I don't have a before shot of this spot, but picture the whole space beneath the birch pretty much covered by juniper. Now, we have 2 russian sage plants, 1 lavender plant (easily seen up front right) and 1 prairie star plant (up front left).

However, here's what last year's other juniper looked like.

That dead brown thing taking up the lower right corner? Yeah. Large dead juniper that pretty much took up the whole space. Instead I added a couple of japanese yew, that I plan to prune so that it stays low growing.

Those gold bushes will add a stunning level of winter interest to our landscape, too.

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