Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garage Bed Renovation

Do we all remember when Eric dug up all my hollyhocks? Let us revisit.



Yes. So after that he was forbidden from dealing with the garage bed. But he swore that we would re-vamp it this year. Me? I wanted to re-plant all the hollyhocks he dug up. So, it made it's way onto this year's task list. And, really, that's a good thing, because here's a close-up shot of one end:

See all the grass? Yeah. That's not supposed to be there! About two weeks ago I started removing the landscaping stones as preparation for digging/edging the bed. On Saturday I went out and started edging the bed. Eric took photos while I worked and the dog looked cute.

This is the general template - edging out the border to line up with the small brick patio off the garage door.

After a couple hours, a large rain storm, and a trip around town hunting down leveling sand later, the finished product:

It looks a bit dirty but it's such an amazing improvement. Last Friday I bought a 'zebrina' mallow and a 'nigra' hollyhock plant and put them in the bed. This weekend I'll be buying some creeping thyme and phlox to help fill in the gaps (our local nursery is running a special on perennials - buy 3 get the 4th free. rawk).

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Kim said...

That looks really great. We are considering edging our bed with bricks.. I like the look.


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