Monday, July 27, 2009

Lettuce and Garlic Harvest and thoughts on fall planting

I harvested the last of the lettuce yesterday. We're about to go on vacation and it was getting towards the end of the season. I was pretty sure it would bolt while we were gone.

Our two plants ended up offering two gallons of leaf lettuce. I think overall we've harvested somewhere between 4-5 gallons this year.

I also dug up our garlic. We lost one head... as in, I couldn't find it where it had been planted. Another one is probably inedible since the stem was completely brown and flopped over. But I got one nice head and one smaller one that I think will do.

I'm considering going ahead and ordering a bunch now for fall planting. Not sure where, yet, I'm going to plant it though. I have been toying with next year's plan and seed orders (first time growing from seed! Eek!), so I may come up with a rudimentary plan just to get the garlic in the ground.

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