Friday, July 24, 2009

What's Growing Now

I've been woefully behind in updating but the garden and life is keeping us busy.

To date we have harvested:
a boatload of lettuce
a ton of collards
dozens of green beans
lots of pea pods
3 jalapenos
1 zucchini
1 summer squash
lots and lots of herbs

With them we have made lots of salads, sauteed collards to go with Rudy's BBQ chicken, salmon stir fry (using the beans and pea pods), and Garden Bounty Minestrone.

Ready to be picked are the garlic (I think I may be too late for one...) and some onions and shallots (they just need thinning).

On the vine there are lots more jalapenos, poblanos, green peppers, a ton of tomatoes, more zucchini and squash.

Odd failures this year were the chard and the spinach. I really don't know what happened - last year we couldn't keep up with them.

In exciting news, I was talking with my mom about canning. She asked why I was bothering with it and I whined about our lack of refrigerator space, especially in comparison to our pantry space. She seemed surprised that we hadn't bought a freezer yet and I admitted it was on the list of purchases but we've never gotten around to it. So she said that she and dad would buy us one as a Christmas present - apparently this was something they'd done for most of my other siblings. It's a very generous gift but one I think we'll gladly accept. I need to keep an eye on sales now.

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