Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Front Walkway re-planting

Last year we attempted to fill in the spot where a large juniper died with two gold japanese yew.  While lovely, they don't exactly cover the ground much.  Hence, we had a pretty bad problem keeping the weeds out.

So, this year we're going to add in some plants to compliment what currently exists.  The main planting will take place in the bed in the right portion of the photo.  It will be anchored by the existing japanese barberry and planted around the yews.  The plants we chose:

Lady's Mantle "Auslese"

Sea Thrift "Armada Rose"

Day Lily "Stella de Oro", "Bright Sunset" and "Wild Horses"

Bearded Iris "Impressionist"

Pincushion "Butterfly Blue"

In addition, we'll be adding more of the same Coralbells (the small red plant in the bed).  And we'll be transplanting some of our Siberian Irises from the backyard.

Along the narrow edge of bed between the walkway and the grass, we'll be planting Sedum "October Daphne"

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