Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garden Beds 2010

So, the garden is finally taking shape.  It started with a very large pile of dirt:

Said pile of dirt was meant to fill the three raised beds.

Over 40 wheelbarrow loads later:

That was step one.  We figured that'd be good enough and then we could plant.  Until the dogs started tearing thru the beds, eating the dirt, and digging in it to create a cool spot to lay in.  That's generally not good for seedlings.

So step two was fencing the beds in with chicken wire.  Once that was installed, we could plant early seeds and transplants:

The far right bed contains two rows each of chard and carrots, 4 teepee trellises for peas and spinach, and 2 bean transplants.  The middle bed contains a row of radishes, a row of alternating carrot and lettuce transplants, two sets of kale and collard plantings, then rows of onions, leeks and shallots.  The far left bed will be planted at the end of the month with tomatoes, etc.

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