Sunday, August 4, 2013

Garden Update

Well here is August. We scaled back on the garden this year, planting only one bed fully and adding a pumpkin plant in the middle bed.
The reason for scaling back?
That'd be me, 6 months pregnant.  I found out after having planned out this year's garden, . Not wanting a repeat of 2010 (where I'd already planted all 3 beds fully before finding out I was pregnant with G), we immediately changed plans.

But we've taken in a decent amount already. About 6 zucchini and an equal number of squash and 4 cucumbers.  But the real winner this year, so far, is the pumpkin plant.

He's about half the length of the bed already and has overflowed on both sides.  So far I've counted 5 pumpkins on the vine, with more blossoms appearing, including this big boy.
It's going to be a fun Halloween.

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