Saturday, May 18, 2013


After the wettest April on record, I finally got into the garden today.

For better or worse, it wasn't for the landscaping plans we had drawn up.  Instead, I decided to mulch and plant out the bed under our river birch clump.

Four years ago we had planted a few plants there - one lavender, two Russian sage, one prairie star - with the intention of planting more.


So!  Today I went thru the bed, weeded, added mulch, and then went to the garden center.  My inspiration was this post from Fennel and Fern.  I loved the idea of using only a few plants to create texture.

So I ended up with more lavender, cranesbill geranium and dwarf fountain grass.

Obviously on a much smaller scale though.  You can see that original lavender plant up front.  So I added 6 more of that (2 up front by the other lavender, 4 in the back row), 3 of the geranium and 3 of the fountain grass (that's G peeking out between the trees. he's 2 1/2 now).

It is harder to create the close plantings in the original photo because of the river birch's roots.  But if these plants fill in as much as the lavender, it should look lovely.  I may eventually try and add more of the geranium and fountain grass, but we'll see.

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