Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finishing out the West Fence bed

So this was a thing. Because H had made the west fence bed larger than the plan called for, we didn't plant the whole thing out.

That changed this spring. I was on a mission.

First I re-edged and weeded the entire bed.

Then I purchased the following: 6 rose bushes, 5 flame grass, 4 coneflower, 5 black-eyed susan, 5 salvia, 5 phlox, 6 daylilies.

Then I dug up and transplanted 5 more phlox.

Then I fixed the "pothole" that was left by someone not properly filling in the hole left by the dogwood last year. That meant digging up the grass/sod, dumping a bunch more dirt and topsoil in, and then re-laying the sod.

It took three full weekends, really, to accomplish all this. And this weekend has been wet and cold but, well, if I waited for perfect gardening weather I'd never get anything done all spring.

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