Sunday, May 8, 2016

Redoing the garage bed. Again. Part 2

Happy mother's day to me! Today we worked on finishing up the garage bed. 

Since my ankle was still sore and stiff, H went and rototilled out all the old vegetation. It already looks a million times better.
Then we went to our local garden center to get the plants.

After lunch, H ran to the hardware store to get more leveling sand and I got to work putting the plants in, leveling the spot for the rain barrel, and mulching the bed.

A couple hours later and voila:

Items planted: 3 daylilies "White Temptation", 3 boxwood "Green Velvet", 3 siberian irises "Kaboom" and "Caesar's Brother", 3 Shasta Daisies "Real Charmer", 2 raspberry bushes "Heritage", and 2 blueberry bushes "Patriot" and "Peach Sorbet".

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