Saturday, May 7, 2016

Redoing the garage bed. Again

The awesome thing about gardening is you can just Etch-a-Sketch erase things when you want. This photo may look familiar, as we'd redone the bed back in 2009 after Eric dug up all the hollyhocks (still hasn't lived that down).

Well, for better or worse, the bed needed to be re-done again. We wanted to expand the landing and then re-create the outline to what was drawn up on the backyard plan. So up came all the bricks.
The above was where we left things before heading off to G's soccer game. When we came back, I went to go look at the naked stoop and found this.

Some digging out and here's the rotted board.

So H was sent to the hardware store to buy a new footer to support the garage door step and then G and I installed it, adding gravel beneath it so that it wasn't touching raw dirt.

While waiting for H to get back, I edged out the new bed line and dug up the sod.

Once H was back I went about tamping down the gravel, added a couple layers of weed block, and then put down sand and then the bricks. Unfortunately we ran out of sand, so we couldn't completely finish it up.

Additionally, I managed to injure my ankle while using the manual edger. So it was time to put my feet up anyway, literally and figuratively.

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