Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beans, squash and corn

Lots of beans and squash. Corn is looking nice. Here's our "Sugar Buns" hybrid sweet corn.
And our popcorn is also coming along.
Busy bees bouncing about the corn and pumpkin flowers.
For those of you not familiar with how corn pollinates, the tassels are the male flower on the plant. They produce the pollen that then drops down on to the sticky silk on the corn ear (the female flower).
Corn is technically considered wind pollinated, but bees can also knock pollen grains down as they work the plant.
Further down you can see we've got our female flower (the ear of the corn) all ready.
Our pumpkin plant is also putting out these MASSIVE beautiful flowers.
A nice view of our Three Sisters - squash below with beans climbing the corn stalks.
I found at least one pumpkin! I need to look for more when the bees aren't quite so busy.
In other parts of the garden - Royalty Purple Pod beans.
The morning's harvest. Lots of beans. Lots of summer squash. Two cucumbers. One eggplant. One zucchini.
My favorite beans to grow with little kids - Royalty Purple Pod and Dragon Tongue. I can't wait to pickle these up into dilly beans.

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