Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kid's Bathroom, take 3.

So, last October I re-did the shelving in the kid's bathroom. Which was great! Until the bottom shelf literally ripped off the wall. Fortunately no one got hurt when the whole thing came crashing to the top of the toilet.

And the train shelf just was not up to the task. So. Out it came. Blank slate. I decided this time I couldn't go for the nice minimalist brackets and needed something more heavy duty. Something that also would be able to screw into the wall stud.

Et voila! Shelves and brackets are from Rubbermaid. They were easy enough to install in an hour or so. The middle bracket both top and bottom are screwed into the stud. Along the top row on each outer bracket I used Elfa screws that I had left over from the boys' closet installations. The kind where the anchors expand behind the drywall to distribute pressure and provide a more secure fit. Another alternative would have been a toggle bolt, but I had these on-hand so in they went. 
My kids climb on their Elfa shelves, so I figured this, combined with the middle bracket being secured to the wall stud, means that these things shouldn't be going anywhere. I hope. 

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