Sunday, May 18, 2014

Landscaping the West Fence - Part 3

So, after we removed the sod and transplanted the dogwood, all that was left to do was order some mulch, plant the new plants, and then mulch the bed. Oh, and fill in the transplant hole and re-sod it.

But, you know, this is me. I refuse to make things that simple.

Because, really, all of our beds could use mulching.

Which means they all would need to be weeded.

But that's incidental, right?

So I estimated the size of all our beds and ordered 16 yards of mulch. They said they'd deliver 7am on Saturday. And so they did.

They showed up in a dump truck. Which TOTALLY made G's day. A dump truck. In his driveway. It was like all holidays rolled into one.

Did you know 16 yards is a LOT of mulch? I did, in theory. In practice I had no idea.

Still. So, we set about to work. We had borrowed 3 of my 4 nephews - T, A, and I, plus T's fiance, H. E and H started weeding, and T, A and I, plus G, started working on filling in the hole from the transplanted dogwood. I started planting plants in the new bed while C hung out in his exersaucer in the shade (or, later, slept in the Ergo while I continued working).

Eventually T, A, and I started working on mulching the bed where I had finished. And suddenly, we had a planting bed.

E and H finished weeding the bean bed, the sand box, the fireplace bed. and the front beds. We also mulched the bean bed.

But it was nearing dinner time, so mulching the rest of the beds would have to wait.

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