Sunday, May 18, 2014

The rest of the yard

So, we still had a ton of mulch this morning. And we got off to kind of a slow start. While G crashed hard and slept till 8:30, C decided he was going to be up most of the night with...well, who cares? Either way he was up, and so were we.

So at 9am I ran to our favorite local coffee shop and picked up coffee for E and myself. Then I strapped C in the Ergo and continued attacking the mulch pile. I discovered quickly that E and H had only weeded the sand part of the sandbox. So I mulched what I could there and then moved on to the fireplace bed.

And then onward to the front beds. I got about half of the way thru one by the time it was lunch. We also needed to make a trip to the hardware store, so off we went.

Two hours later, C was down for another nap, so we went back to it. E worked on fixing the lawnmower while I continued mulching. Eventually, I finished mulching the entire front.

So that just leaves the rest of the swing set, between the garden beds, and the garage bed.

But, uhm...
I may have over estimated. A bit.

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