Sunday, May 11, 2014

Landscaping the west fence - Part 1

FINALLY!  We've only been sitting on these garden plans for 2 years now.

Saturday we rented a sod remover and H went thru and cut it all out. G alternated between helping me roll up the strips of sod and playing in his water table while C hung out in his exersaucer. By the end of the day all of the sod was removed. The bed is 70 feet long. At the widest two points 10 feet wide and no narrower than 5 feet.

The Curly Duo were very curious what was happening to their running path. They're the reason we're doing this - they race along the fence with the neighbor's dog, so we're putting in a lot of screening bushes and plants. Just look at how compacted the soil is from them!

Of course, he didn't follow the landscaping plan or how I had staked it out. So now we're looking at much more garden bed than I had purchased plants for

Today we rototilled the bed, which removed the rest of the grass from the fence line. Then I spaced the plants out but didn't have time to plant them.  The dogwood you see in the top photo is going to be transplanted along the fence in the first large curve. The other plants are: 12 Karl Foester Feather Reed Grass, 3 rose bushes, 6 gailliarda, 10 daylilly, 10 shasta daisy. I am still looking for a supplier for the variety of spirea japonica that I want.

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alex amarxon said...

She asked to go potty outside twice today, so that's BIG progress.
She's a sweet little thing, in spite of her puppy woes.
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